So Ferocious (2016)
Hot Night
Vim & Vigor
So Ferocious
Lovin is Easy
Fat & Happy
To Be Known
The Animal I Am
Fever Dream
Laziest Gal in Town
Heavenly Thing
Two Sleepy People
You Don't Know What Love Is
What Is This Thing Called Love?
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
Sweet Lorraine
Don't Come Too Soon
I'll Be Seeing You
Not Old, Not New
Under Your Thumb
Trigger Finger
Smoke Alarm
Together Too Long
Little Death
Lonely No More
Idiot Heart
All We Got
Honest Truth
Itches and Tugs
O, Gabriella
Money in the Bank
Two at a Time
Every Punch You Throw
Baby Can Dance
Crazy for Love
Anything At All
Ain't So Green
Don't Wanna Know
Everybody's All Alone
Take Me Along
Temporary Lapse
Wedding Song
Willing To Fall
Redemption Blues

So Ferocious will be released August 2, 2016! Β 

Stay turned for fun updates on the release tour. Β I hope you can make it to a show!

YASSS @calgaryfolkfest @soulsisterphoto
Having a fabulous time playing @calgaryfolkfest in my @irregularchoice boots! What a great festival.😍😍😍
RAWR! Thanks for a great tour, middle America! Heading home to nola with a song in my heart. ❀️ photo by comrade & accomplice @joeplowmanbass
Rough day πŸ•ΊπŸ˜ŽπŸ™
Sounds like we are playing a surprise gig tonight in Fountain Point MI with @the_go_rounds ! Thanks to those guys for having us on the show! They sound great.
Day off donuts in Grand Rapids
NEW TATTEW ma frens. A red tail hawk of love & long-term vision, from the one n only #davidhaletattoo.
THANK YOU DEB TALAN for being such an outstandingly great musician and artist and gracious mentor and friend! I feel all hopped up on life after our shows together at all them gorgeous venues. I somehow managed not to take any pictures of us on the tour so this will have to suffice (Bowie/Prince pin by @laserkitten)! @debtalan @theweepies @freightandsalvage @tripledoor_official @evanstonspace
Springtime in the alley w/ @ginarly (photo by the great @bobbybonsey)
Thanks for having us @ogdenmuseum! Lovely staff, crowd, food, and stage design. #neworleans
HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!! #mardigras #mardigras2017 #neworleans
It's CARNIVAL TIME! Time to flush out that last m'fer of a year with some good ol fashion bachannalia. #mardigras2017 #nola #kdv
Blantons against fascism #womensmarch #antitrump #fuckfascism
My version of "Baby it's Cold Outside" with the devastatingly handsome & talented @chrisnortonnyc! #christmas2016 #christmaseve #christmas #christmastime #babyitscoldoutside #maybemeansmaybe #christmasspirit Directed by Anne Marie Boidock, DP Solomon Schechman, @joeplowmanbass on bass.
Last night in NYC. Playing @rockwoodmusichall again tonight at 6:30! - unicorn shoes by @irregularchoice !
The SO FEROCIOUS music video comes out next week!!! Presenting, the mindblowingly ferocious Niamiah Stubbs (AKA Twiggy) @niamiah_aka_twiggy. She is one of three extremely ferocious girls who star in the video. Every time I watch this clip, I feel more ferocious! What makes you feel ferocious? #soferocious #music #musicvideo
My new record, So Ferocious, is about embracing our inner power and ferocity, even if we are thought of as small or weak or powerless. β€’β€’β€’ This week I'll be sharing photos that embody this spirit, using the hashtag #soferocious! If you'd like to share your own, use this hashtag AND tag me. MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE #soferocious poster can get a spot on the guest list at any of my upcoming release shows (link in bio! This week: Charleston, Atlanta, Asheville, Nashville). β€’β€’β€’ Photo credit Michael Rougier for Life Magazine - this is little Melanie Griffith with her pet lion, Neil.
SO FEROCIOUS IS OUT! Here's one of the gorgeous original lyric booklet designs by @petitesluxures. You can hear it and buy it now! Link in bio.
My brand new album SO FEROCIOUS IS OUT RIGHT NOW!!! Link in bio - get yours! #soferocious Cover by @petitesluxures! #newmusic
Oops you guys, I went to buy an amp, but I accidentally bought this 1959 Gibson ES-125. AND an amp. Ooooopsss
#blacklivesmatter #nola #altonsterling #philandocastile #rally
COVER ART IS HERE!!! Many thanks to the incredible @petitesluxures for the gorgeous artwork (if you aren't following @petitesluxures, your life is wayyyy less sexy than it ought to be). 'So Ferocious' comes out on August 2nd followed by US and European release tours (link in bio)! ----- #vinyl #albumart #art #petitesluxures #artwork #artoftheday #design #designideas #graphicart #graphic
#pleased look out for this music video to debut in July 😍
Yep, this is my life #musicvideo #sexmansion
From the #secondline parade for #prince a few weeks back - regram @nolafests
@kesslerxplus green room instagrayum
Second line for #Prince! #neworleans #purplereign
Can you guess which song @petedonnelly's kid came in help us with? #SOFEROCIOUS
tbt ftw
That time three handsome dudes all played piano for me #bestnightofmylife
Holding the mic for Jano's oil tank drum part
Our studio alter #saintbillie #saintprince plus contributions from @mymotters & @super_helpful
WE DID IT! $37,727. Thank you profoundly, my dear friends.
Photo by @urbansocialblend, excitement by #kickstarter. Come celebrate with me tonight at Milkboy Philly!
Hey, it's the final week of my #kickstarter! Pledge now! For just $12 you'll get the new record digitally as soon as it's released. Includes live faves like "Hot Night" and "Fat & Happy"! Link in bio, photo by @bobbybonsey. #crowdfunding #kickstartermusic #popmusic #bathtub #pinup #irregularchooce Shoes by @irregularchoice
KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! The Radical Magic of Pleasure & Pop. Link in bio! Photo by @bobbybonsey #irregularchoice
Puck, the river otter. By #davidhaletattoo! #tattoo #tattoosleeve #otter #ottertattoo #davidhale
Beatles' full discography listening session: reaction shot
Tonight's show is Asheville is sold out! Sorry friends- guess you might as well drive up to Charlotte or Chapel Hill for next week's shows.
The view from my front porch on the #KatrinaAnniversary. New Orleans, so glad you made it.
Kalamazoo buffalo love. Tonight we play Cincinatti!
From our final show with @theweepies in Charlotte. Photo by Deb Talan!
Konrad Cafe, Luxembourg. Possibly my favorite venue on earth. An alternate universe where everyone is beautiful and smart and speaks six languages, and also loves my songs. I'll be back Konrad; save me some of that milk oolong.