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My new album is called After the Revolution, and it’s about hope. I think it’s possible to face the world as it is - rapidly heating, ruled by grifters, ravaged by profitable wars - and still have hope. Not the narrow, grasping hope you hang on an election or a billionaire, but a patient, zoomed-out hope. Revolutionary optimism. Have you got it? Do you want it?

After the Revolution will be released on March 21, 2024. Everything on this page will ship the week before. 

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That's why I've given you the option to pay extra, if you can and you want to. If you can't, or you don't want to, that's fine too. I made these songs for you. You can stream them, download them, share them, re-write or re-mix them, cover them at your school function, post them on instagram, use them to start a riot or get laid. That's what songs are for, and I wouldn't want it any other way.



Yes you can! All donations made using the links below will help us meet our goal amount.


Where, indeed!!! I've been a touring songwriter for fifteen years, and I’ve been “independent” that whole time. That means all my records are fan-funded, rather than funded by a record label (probably lucky, ‘cus songs like Rich People and Ugly Nasty Commie Bi*ch might not go over too well in a board room).

We recorded this album last March, at the legendary Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX. My excellent band was there, along with some special guests, and Tyler Chester produced it (he produced my last two, and some for Madison Cunningham, one of which won a Grammy). Funds from this pre-order will pay for some of the recording costs, plus mixing and mastering, art and design, pressing CDs, vinyl, and other merchandise, and marketing and publicity.

You guys make it possible for me to sic my whole brain on this one weird project: writing songs and playing them for people. You make it possible for me to keep hiring my best friends, who happen to also be the best band on earth. You feed my dogs and buy my jumpsuits. You pay Jozette, my lovely assistant, and you help feed her dogs, too. Music is not a business; music is a vocation. So I don't mind living off charity and grace like a monk (but with more sex).



The title track, After the Revolution, was one of the first songs I wrote for this record. I started writing it in summer of 2021, when I returned home from a somewhat grueling tour with another maxed out credit card and my first case of Covid. Fevered, drugged up, and quarantined in my backyard shed, I had a semi-hallucinatory reverie about the future. The REAL future; not the one being pedaled by ad campaigns or political parties. A big, deep wave of hope and grief welled up and hit me upside the head. I wasn't sure if I even meant it, at the time. But now I do. 

It's like James Baldwin said: "I can't be a pessimist, because I'm alive. I'm forced to be an optimist."

I don't personally subscribe to the idea of "genre", as those have been invented by PR firms rather than musicians. I love jazz, soul, punk, folk, country, rock, pop and motown, and you can hear a bit of all those in this record. Let's just call it a feel-good romp through our late-capitalist dystopia, with an ear toward the beautiful future that exists beyond it, after the revolution.

CREDITS: pink dress photos by Bobby Bonsey. Album cover image by Jeffrey Czum. Cover design by Madalyn Stefanak. My excellent band features Joe Plowman on bass, Patrick Firth on keys, and Sean Trischka on drums. Website by Mindlark!