Carsie Blanton is delightfully surprising on 'Buck Up'.

Ken Tucker Fresh Air on Buck Up

Like the singer-songwriters she admires, Carsie Blanton is making folk-based music that prizes wordplay and an antic sense of humor. You can hear jazz, Motown and power pop in her melodies and phrasing, which makes her stuff delightfully surprising but doesn't help her in commercial categorization.

She tackles gender expectations, genre norms, societal expectations and sex through songs that are as smart and funny as they are well-constructed.

Marissa R. Moss Rolling Stone on Buck Up

She's never been so catchy or sexy, and along with unabashed politics catchy and sexy are her flash points.

Robert Christgau VICE on Buck Up

"Her smoky vocals recall Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, while her wit as a songwriter is in the spirit of Cole Porter.”

Michael Feinstein NPR's Song Travels (Interview) on Not Old, Not New