All We Got

love ain’t patient, love ain’t kind
love can’t lead you, love is blind
love will make you lose your mind
but love is all we got

love ain’t honest, love ain’t true
love does things it ought not do
it lies and steals and cheats on you
but love is all we got

what’s that feeling, makes you sick?
what’s that cuts you to the quick?
what’s that habit you can’t kick?
it’s love
and it’s the only thing you know

love is clumsy, love ain’t smart
seems so harmless at the start
then trips and falls and breaks your heart
but love is all we got

love is vulgar, love is lewd
love don’t care who’s in the mood
love leaves you lonely in the nude
but love is all we got

who’s that drunkard at your door?
who’s that scoundrel you adore?
beats you and you beg for more
that’s love
but where you gonna run to?

love ain’t pretty, love is tough
love fights dirty, love plays rough
don’t matter whether love’s enough
cus love is all we got