he showed up
brighter than a buoy
slicker than a submarine
bonnie as a berry
cuter than a kidney bean

she was struck
dumber than a detour
quicker than a pistol shot
revving like a motor
hotter than a parking lot

and his eyes
beckon like a lighthouse
sparkle like a foreign grin
promising a welcome
warmer than a muffin tin

so she went
righteous as a missionary
hopeful as a ballot box
cautious as a coal canary
wily as a winter fox

but he ran
crazy as a hatter
panicked like a pot to boil
hissing like an adder
spitting like a vat of oil

and her heart
fell out of her chest and split
scattered like a house of cards
now anyone who touches it
cuts their knuckles on the shards

now she lives
out in Arizona
lonely as a single shoe
tougher than a tortoise
sadder than a coffin crew

but what fool 
keeps hanging on to something
after it has fell apart?
hey you
send it to the warehouse
get yourself another heart