O, Gabriella

lying awake in the blue of her bedroom
he knew very well that he wasn’t the first
don’t say he’s the best, he will never believe you
just say, gabriela, he wasn’t the worst

suddenly foolish at five in the morning
but he was no fool when he followed her home
every move that she made was a warning
the grace of a woman who’s happy alone

wearing the smile of a debutante’s daughter
wearing that dress, just as subtle as sin
he came to her like a lamb to the slaughter and
o, gabriela, he’d do it again

he’s in no hurry to come to his senses 
cus he went so gently into that good night
out with the evening went all his defenses 
said, “here is my heart, do whatever you like.”

it’s dawn in the garden, the birds are all singing
and conjuring up the regrets of the night
the sun is a reprimand morning is bringing 
but baptizing both of their bodies in light

she is a glory of sleepy irreverence
he is a leaf at the dawn of the fall
but don’t say your sorry he’ll never believe you
o, gabriela say nothing at all