you can bring me flowers
you can carry me around
smile proudly 
everywhere we go

talk to me for hours honey
roll the windows down
drive me to a town
that I don’t know

but baby, take it easy
ain’t I told you where I stand?
it’s been much too long 
since I’ve been free

I don’t mind the kissin 
or the way you hold my hand
but please stop
falling in love with me

take me out to dinner baby
buy me somethin nice
I won’t ask you twice 
to take me home

touch me like a lover would
and hold me through the night
cus you know I don’t like 
to sleep alone

but baby, take it easy
it ain’t nothing but a spark
when the morning comes
I’ll take my leave

I don’t mind the comfort
or the whispers in the dark
but please stop 
falling in love with me

baby, when you took me out the other day
lying in the sand beside the sea
as the tide came crashing in 
you looked at me that way

I almost forgot to look away
I almost forgot to say
stop falling in love with me