Temporary Lapse

she said, “no, it isn’t feasible.
no, you must be teasing.
so long we’d been together then,
season after season!
how could you go and snap him up
as soon as I release him?
I know I didn’t talk it,
but I’d just begun to leave him.

“well, I hope you had a good time!
I hope that it was pleasing!
you must’ve had an alibi,
there must’ve been a reason.
how could you both betray me?
where do I begin believing?
the only ones I trusted
and you just committed treason.”

it was a temporary lapse of reason!

I said, “you know, we weren’t attracted
we were just intoxicated.
vodka and stupidity, 
they seem to be related.
you say that I betrayed you
but it’s not that complicated!
it’s not that I was evil,
I was just inebriated.

“and you were crazy for your new boy,
totally elated.
I guess I just assumed that meant 
your other love had faded.
I guess I should’ve known,
but I had not anticipated
that my irrationality
would leave you devastated.”

It was a temporary lapse of reason!

well, time ran its course and (as it will,)
perspective followed time.
and with perspective’s soothing chill,
forgiveness followed close behind.
cause love and reason share one trait
(I’ve recently discovered,)
both may fail and fluctuate,
but won’t fail to recover.

It was a temporary lapse of reason!