Buck Up (2019)
That Boy
American Kid
Buck Up
Hot Night
Vim & Vigor
So Ferocious
Lovin is Easy
Fat & Happy
To Be Known
The Animal I Am
Fever Dream
Laziest Gal in Town
Heavenly Thing
Two Sleepy People
You Don't Know What Love Is
What Is This Thing Called Love?
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
Sweet Lorraine
Don't Come Too Soon
I'll Be Seeing You
Not Old, Not New
Under Your Thumb
Trigger Finger
Smoke Alarm
Together Too Long
Little Death
Lonely No More
Idiot Heart
All We Got
Honest Truth
Itches and Tugs
O, Gabriella
Money in the Bank
Two at a Time
Every Punch You Throw
Baby Can Dance
Crazy for Love
Anything At All
Ain't So Green
Don't Wanna Know
Everybody's All Alone
Take Me Along
Temporary Lapse
Wedding Song
Willing To Fall
Redemption Blues

American Kid (official video)

Here is a song (and video) about growing up to realize things aren't quite as idyllic as they seemed when you were a leggy Virginia kid riding your horse down to the river.

~ January 2020

Watch the "JACKET" video

A silly, sensual, hyper-saturated celebration of hot boys and fruit. From the BUCK UP album, out 2/15!

~ January 2020

Watch the "BUCK UP" lyric video

Buck Up is my brand new record, out 2/15! The title track is out now on all platforms, watch the sweeeet lyric video here.

~ January 2020

That sexy card game I invented

The F'ing Truth is a card game for people who f' and tell. It's Bingo and Never Have I Ever's cooler, hotter lovechild. It was discussed at length on the Savage Love and Guys We F**d podcasts, and you can now buy it in Urban Outfitters!!! (Or right here.)

~ January 2020

Hi, I’m Carsie. I make songs, records, videos, blog posts, and mischief.

I live in New Orleans, and I love all kinds of music: Ray Charles to Joni Mitchell; The Beatles to Erykah Badu; not to mention Nick Lowe, Tom Waits, Dolly Parton and Billie Holiday. I love songs, but I hate genre. I think making music is like making love: if you only know one way to do it, you must not be very good at it.

I grew up in Luray, Virginia, and left home at sixteen. I’ve toured all over the US, Europe and Australia, with many of my songwriting heroes (Paul Simon, The Wood Brothers, Madeleine Peyroux, Anais Mitchell). I write great songs, and I cover great songs that I love. I find four-leaf clovers. I fall in love a lot. I’ve been skydiving, but I've never been to high school.

I believe that music is more important than money. That's why all of my music is available to stream, download or purchase for any price you want. That's also why I release my music under a Creative Commons License. That said, I need money to live (and to keep creating!), so if you love my music, please consider becoming a patron.