So Ferocious (2016)
Hot Night
Vim & Vigor
So Ferocious
Lovin is Easy
Fat & Happy
To Be Known
The Animal I Am
Fever Dream
Laziest Gal in Town
Heavenly Thing
Two Sleepy People
You Don't Know What Love Is
What Is This Thing Called Love?
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
Sweet Lorraine
Don't Come Too Soon
I'll Be Seeing You
Not Old, Not New
Under Your Thumb
Trigger Finger
Smoke Alarm
Together Too Long
Little Death
Lonely No More
Idiot Heart
All We Got
Honest Truth
Itches and Tugs
O, Gabriella
Money in the Bank
Two at a Time
Every Punch You Throw
Baby Can Dance
Crazy for Love
Anything At All
Ain't So Green
Don't Wanna Know
Everybody's All Alone
Take Me Along
Temporary Lapse
Wedding Song
Willing To Fall
Redemption Blues


lovin you’s like kissin a chicken
baby it’s a one way street
kissin you’s like lickin a lemon
you’re so sour it’s sweet

you got a heart like a wildcat
if you love me, I really don’t know
but I got a heart like a steel trap
never gonna let you go

oh, how happy we’ll be
when you finally fall for me

lovin you’s like a hungry belly
empty as a whiff of smoke
kissin you’s like an open deli
when I’m completely broke

you got a heart like a wire cage 
I got a heart like a bird
all day long it sings your praise
but I don’t think you’ve heard
oh, how happy we’ll be
when you finally fall for me

i run to you like rain to a river
like a river to the sea
but you’re so cold it makes me shiver
when you gonna run to me?

obviously we need one another 
baby I’m your biggest fan
what part of being meant for each other 
do you not understand?

oh, how happy we’ll be
when you finally fall for me