LOVE & RAGE (2021)
Party at the End of the World
Be Good
Down in the Streets
All My Love
Can't Wait to Break Your Heart
Shit List
So Long, New Orleans
Be So Bad
Sufferin Fools
Ain't No Sin
That Boy
American Kid
Buck Up
Hot Night
Vim & Vigor
So Ferocious
Lovin is Easy
Fat & Happy
To Be Known
The Animal I Am
Fever Dream
Laziest Gal in Town
Heavenly Thing
Two Sleepy People
You Don't Know What Love Is
What Is This Thing Called Love?
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
Sweet Lorraine
Don't Come Too Soon
I'll Be Seeing You
Not Old, Not New
Under Your Thumb
Trigger Finger
Smoke Alarm
Together Too Long
Little Death
Lonely No More
Idiot Heart
All We Got
Honest Truth
Itches and Tugs
O, Gabriella
Money in the Bank
Two at a Time
Every Punch You Throw
Baby Can Dance
Crazy for Love


lovesick and moaning like a puppy,
I'm a guppy in the mouth of a whale.
because it comes so quick, and never fails to shock me
(hasn't got me, but it's hot on my trail,)

and everybody has been there,
so how come nobody knows
where to tell me to go from here?
nothing to say but, “baby, that's the way it goes.

you're lovesick and tired of being lonely,
and there's only one way to make it worth your time:
just kick back, baby, and enjoy it
cause boy, it must be better than just feeling fine!”

so I'm lovesick, and wishing I could take it.
I can fake it, but nobody's fooled,
cause it's a hard kick, an elbow to the ego
(where will she go if I can't play it cool?)

I’m wishing I had a witness
to all them pretty things he said!
cause I just can't justify this.
so how do I explain it to the voice in my head?

who says, “you're lovesick, and might as well be frantic.
cause nothing real's romantic,
so you can't be satisfied.
just stick to sorry, sad and hopeless,
you'll have to learn to cope until you're feeling' fine.”

everybody has been there,
so how come nobody knows
where to tell me to go from here?
nothing to say but “baby, 
that's the way it goes.”
baby, that's the way it goes.