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when I was a little kid

I was always curious

what the bigger people did

that made em so delirious


once I got a feel for it

my appetite was cavernous

couldn’t get enough of it

baby I was ravenous


they all said that it was bad

but it felt good!


when I got to high school

had myself a real friend

lordy what we wouldn’t do

just to cop a feelin


everybody wanted us

nobody was havin’ us

kissin on the school bus

honey we were ravenous


they all said that we were bad

but we felt good!







ever since I was a little girl

they say no no no no no no

everybody in the whole wide world

they say no no no no no no

but the good girls get it too

they say no no no no no no

it’s like it doesn’t matter what we do

they say no no no no no no!


but I just can’t see

what the matter could be

it don’t hurt no one and

it pleases me


so to all the young girls

for the sake of your health

never try to please anybody

but your own self


some of em’ll pitch a fit

some of em’ll love you

ain’t nobody’s business

what another body do


they might tell you that you’re bad

but you’ll feel good!