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That's Right, Patreon

Patreon is the #1 best way to support my work. It’s a subscription model: you pay $3/month or more, and I give you everything I create, just as soon as it’s finished (sometimes, even sooner!). Patrons get exclusive access to demos, covers, live recordings, behind-the-scenes essays and photos, and even workshops!

For an artist like me, much of the music business is not strictly “profitable”. I’m independent, which means there isn’t a moneyed corporation investing in my work. I have a band whom I love and rely on creatively, which means touring usually just breaks even (that's when we can tour). Most of my listeners will never buy one of my CDs or vinyl records, and streaming services pay a fraction of what radio once did. 

For years, I tried to sell out, but nobody was buying!

These days, I’m a lot happier, because I understand how this job works: the people who love my work are the people who make it possible. I am blessed to be 100% supported by my fans via Patreon, Bandcamp, and our monthly Rent Parties (since Covid hit).

The beauty of this arrangement is clear to me now: I make stuff I love, and send it straight to your ears. If you love it, you send me some money. I get to be just as weird and radical as my little heart desires, and you get to hear what I’m working on, and know that you’re making it all possible. It’s a kind of spiritual mutual aid.